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July 2014
The SDCA Western Regional is always held at Lompoc, CA, so we usually are not able to attend unless the SDCA National is being held in conjunction with the Western. Luckily, Kris and Bayard brought out their boy, Colin, brother to Cara and our Calyx. He won Best Opposite Sex at the supported entry for the Lompoc Kennel Club. This boy was also the #1 Scottish Deerhound in NOTRA and LGRA for 2012, so it was nice to see him also doing well in the conformation ring amongst so many quality hounds!

June 2014
This year
’s SDCA National Specialty was held in Washington. While we were unable to attend, some of our owners were able to go with their Big Sky hounds, so we were nicely represented! The big news was that Cara, from the Big Sky/Fernhill C litter took Best in Field for ASFA coursing as well as the LGRA racing! A couple years ago, this special girl also won Best Puppy in Specialty at the SDCA Western Regional Specialty, so to see her now win it big in coursing and racing was a special treat. Big congrats to her owner Laura Birrell as well as to my friend, Barb Heidenreich, who so nicely agreed to co-breed this litter!  Cara’s brother, Colin, also finished well with second place behind Cara, so a big congrats to him and his owners, Kris and Bayard, as well!

Big Sky’s Astrid took second place in Veteran Bitches over 9 years, and looked lovely. Her puppy Hebridie took second place in Open Dogs and her bitch puppy, Holly, was second in Bred by Exhibitor. We were happy to see how lovely they have all become!

                 Laura with Cara                           Astrid head shot                                  Barb with Astrid

                 Barb with Hebridie                           Gail with Astrid (middle dog) and Barb with Hebridie 
        Astrid             Hebridie           Joan with Holly

April 2014
We finally managed the get the dogs out to a dog show. Madolyn's busy schedule had kept us from the ring since last July, but now we headed down to Austin for a show, a visit with my parents, and a trip to Qui (voted best new restaurant in the country for 2013)! Madolyn showed Eclipse for the first time in Junior Showmanship, and they ended up winning Best Junior! Harambee's Big Sky Utah took Winners Dog both days for two more points, and Big Sky's Deirdre took Best of Breed both days for her first points. It was a great show!
Madolyn and Fernhill's Eclipse at Big Sky    Eclipse and Harambee's Big Sky Utah

                  Madolyn and Utah                           BigSky's Deirdre
November 2013
Fernhill’s Colin from the Fernhill/Big Sky C litter finishes his championship by going Best of Winners at the Rogue Valley Kennel Club show. Congratulations to Kris and Bayard Smith!

October 2013
We received some fun news from Terri Crawford in California that Big Sky
’s M’Lady Baas (also known as Myla) was used for some shots for the new TV series REIGN, which is based on the life of Mary Queen of Scots. How cool! Here she is with the stars of the show--Toby Regbo, Torrance Coombs, and Adelaide Kane.

July 2013
The summer Dallas shows rolled around again, and we were off with Eclipse, Dixie, and our new boy Utah, that we co-own with Jackie Woods. Eclipse took Winners Dog on Friday and Sunday for two majors. He was Reserve Winners on Saturday. Harambee’s Big Sky Utah was Reserve Winners Dog on Friday. Big Sky’s Aero from Tamashi was Reserve Winners Dog on Sunday. Dixie was Winners Bitch and Best of Winners on Friday and Sunday for two more majors as well. On Saturday, Utah, who was showing from the Puppy 9-12 class, took Winners Dog and Best of Winners for his first major too! Dixie took Winners Bitch and then Best Opposite. This win was over a top ranked special, so we were quite proud

May 2013

We took Dixie, Eclipse, and Calyx out to the Denton show. On Friday, Eclipse took Winners Dog and Dixie took Winners Bitch and Best of Winners, while Calyx took Best of Breed. Saturday surprised us with Dixie taking Winners Bitch, Best of Winners, and Best of Breed, while Eclipse took Winners Dog.

April 2013
Dixie was finally old enough to go to her first coursing event, so we brought her out to the Diamond Ranch in Denton along with Eclipse. Both dogs ran on both days, so they both came home with their JC titles!

March 2013
Big Sky’s Aero from Tamashi went to the Ft. Worth show and took home Winners Dog and Best Opposite on both days.

Jan 2013
To our delight, we found out that Big Sky’s Deirdre finished 2012 as the #1 Scottish Deerhound for Open Field Coursing (NOFCA). Her sister, Big Sky's Bonita Paloma, was the #1 Lure Coursing Scottish Deerhound in Canada. Not to be outdone by his cousins, Fernhill’s Colin, from the Fernhill/Big Sky C litter finished 2012 as the #1 Scottish Deerhound in racing in both the LGRA and NOTRA. For this accomplishment, he was awarded the Fairchild Perpetual Trophy for Excellence in racing by the Scottish Deerhound Club of America. Yay Deirdre (in blue on the left) and Colin (on the right in red) and Paloma and congratulations to Jackie Woods, Sharlene Lazin,  and Kris and Bayard Smith! We are so proud of you!

We also brought Dixie and Eclipse out to the Sunday show in Glen Rose. Dixie took Winners Bitch and Eclipse took Winners Dog and Best of Winners.

December 2012
Time passes so quickly, and we had to say goodbye to our beautiful Zoe. She was almost 14 years old, and was the most special girl. We will never forget her, as she was the mother to our first Deerhound litter and Madolyn’s Junior Showmanship dog for many years. Together, they won Best Junior at the SDCA National three times! Maddy was also the #1 Junior in the U.S with a Deerhound for four consecutive years with Zoe. Always the sweetest, kindest girl, Zoe was also our best hunter, incredibly smart, and had a keen sense of humor! She will live on through her puppies. Her Big Sky’s Artemis, Big Sky’s Anica o’Fernhill, and Big Sky’s Astrid o’Fernhill have all produced BPISS winners! Here is Zoe at age 13 and 1/2. We will always love you!

Big Sky’s Boudicca of Poetry took home Winners Bitch (and Best of Winners on Sat) on Friday and Saturday of the Dallas shows to get her two majors and become a champion! Big Sky’s Dixie took Winners Bitch and Best of Winners on Sunday for her first major! Big Sky’s Darby took Winners Dog and Best of Winners on Friday for his first major and then Winners Dog again on Saturday and Sunday for a total of six points. We were very proud of the crew!

October 2012
Big Sky’s Byrde went to the show in Tyler and took Winners Bitch to finish her championship! 

Now that Madolyn has started high school, our schedule has been extremely busy and hectic! The Friday before the Fayetteville, AR show, Maddy's school had an early dismissal, and then they had a school holiday on the Monday after, so we decided this was too good an opportunity to miss, and headed to Fayetteville for a show! We really enjoyed exploring Fayetteville and finding some interesting shops and great restaurants. This was Eclipse's first show, and he did not disappoint, as he ended up taking Best of Winners both days for his first two points. Calyx took Winners Bitch on both days as well, and ended up finishing on Saturday (making Sunday's point just an extra one for good measure)!  Madolyn showed for the first time in the Open Senior class, and she and Ziggy came away with second place on both days. They did a great job! Here are a few pictures from the trip:

Sept 2012

I decided to bring Eclipse out to his first lure coursing event now that he was a year old, and he made me very happy by earning his first JC leg!

July 2012

We brought our Calyx and Dixie out to the Dallas shows. This was Calyx's second all breed show and Dixie's first. On Friday, Calyx took Winners Bitch and Best of Winners from the Bred by class for a major, and Dixie---at her first show---took the major reserve! On Saturday, Calyx took Best of Winners again for another major and Byrde (Big Sky's Byrde) took Reserve Winners Bitch. Aero (Big Sky's Aero from Tamashi) took Winners Dog for two points, and Darby (Big Sky's Darby) took Reserve Winners Dog. On Sunday, Calyx did the three-peat and took her third major. Byrde was Reserve Bitch and Aero was Reserve Dog. Madolyn showed Ziggy in Junior Showmanship, and they won the Open Intermediate class on two of the three days. We were thrilled

After getting back from a short trip to Canada, Maddy and I decided to head out to the Longview show. Calyx won Best of Breed both days for two more points, and Maddy and Ziggy won their Junior Showmanship class on Saturday, and came in second on Sunday. We had a fun weekend!

Later in the month, we heard from Deb Hughes that Big Sky's Delilah at Leelanau went to the IABCA shows in Michigan and came home with four Hound Group 1's and three Best Puppy in Shows!!! We were absolutely thrilled with the news! This gave Delilah her international title and lots of cool medals (which Maddy wished the AKC would award at their shows)! Way to go Deb and Delilah!!

Deliah shows off her bling from the IABCA shows

May 2012
Our favorite show of the year---the SDCA National Specialty---was in Frankenmuth, MI again this year. This is one of our favorite locations, and I have to say the quality of the dogs this year seemed exceptional! I was very excited to see so many gorgeous hounds! We brought along our youngsters---Calyx, Eclipse, and Dixie--along with our Ch. Fernhill's Valor of Big Sky. On the first day, our Big Sky's Calyx pleased us with winning a very competitive 15-18 month bitch Futurity class. Fernhill's Eclipse at Big Sky took 3rd in his class, and our Valor took 3rd in the Stud Dog class. Dixie, who was in the largest class of the whole specialty, showed very well (and so did her sister Delilah), but was among the youngest in her class, and lacked the maturity of the girls who were closer to the age cutoff. On the second day, Calyx and Eclipse both placed 4th in their sweepstakes classes, and on the third day, Calyx took second in her regular class and Eclipse again took 4th. Madolyn showed Valor in Junior Showmanship, and was thrilled to win Best Junior for the fifth time!!
                                                                             Big Sky's Calyx O' Fernhill
                       Fernhill's Eclipse at Big Sky                                                                     Big Sky's Dixie
                Big Sky's Delilah at Leelanau                        Madolyn wins Best Junior with Ch. Fernhill's Valor                                        of Big Sky

Our friends Lesa Newbitt and Kim Staman also came to Michigan and brought our Big Sky's Byrde and Big Sky's Boudicca of Poetry (Boo). Byrde placed third in the American Bred Bitch class and Boo placed third in the Amateur Owner handler class. Boo also entered the ASFA coursing. This was her first coursing event ever entered, and she came in third (after a run off) in the Open Stakes---only 2 points off from the bitch who took Best in Field! She was incredible!

                               Big Sky's Byrde                                                       Big Sky's Boudicca of Poetry

April 2012
Big Sky's Delilah at Leelanau went to another show in Michigan, and took home her first point as well as Best of Breed! Yay Delilah and Deb!!

Later in the month, we took Big Sky's Dixie and Fernhill's Eclipse at Big Sky out to a lure coursing fun day for some practice chasing the bunny. Boy, did they have fun!!!

March 2012

We heard from Renae Stellmach, that Big Sky's Darby, who is from our 2011 Valor/Audrey litter,  went to his first show weekend in Wichita Falls, TX, and at 7 months old,  took home Best of Breed on Sunday! Congratulations Renae and Darby!

We were excited to hear that Fernhill's Hebridie O'Glencrag went to Louisville, KY (the second largest entry of Deerhounds for the year after the National) and took home Best in Sweepstakes as well as Winner's Dog on two of the days!!! Hebridie's dam, Big Sky's Astrid O'Fernhill is from our A litter, and Hebridie reminds us so much of her!!

Then more exciting news, as Big Sky's Aero from Tamashi goes to Ft. Worth for his first show, and takes home Winners Dog! Here he is at 11 months.

February 2012
We brought Calyx out to her first ASFA meet in order to get her certification. She ran with great enthusiasm, and passed easily! 


Our Fernhill's Eclipse at Big Sky is growing by leaps and bounds. We took him to his first match, and he took Best Opposite. Here he is at 10 months.

January 2012

We start the new year with some pictures of our pups from our previous litters, as well as those from our A litter girls---sent in by their proud owners :)

                   Thorn (Astrid son)                   Ada (red collar)            Dae (now Deirdre)        Blaire (now Myla)

           Hebridie (Astrid son)             Baccio (Anica daughter)       Hector (Astrid son)            Hart (Astrid son)

                           Astrid                                                       Brock                                     Rider (Anakin)         

We brought our Big Sky's Aero from Tamashi and Big Sky's Calyx O' Fernhill out to the AKC lure coursing meet in McKinney, TX. This was Aero's second trial, and he got his JC with flying colors. As for Calyx, this was her first trial, and she delighted us with an awesome run for her first JC leg as well as her QC!

Then we heard from Deb Hughes in Michigan, that Big Sky's Delilah at Leelanau went to her first show, and took home a Puppy Group 3!!! Congratulations Deb and Delilah!!

November 2011

We were pleasantly informed that our Ch. Big Sky's Artemis and our Ch. Big Sky's Beckett were both invited to the Eukanuba invitational show in Orlando, FL. We are so proud of both of these homebred champions who have both won Bred By Exhibitor Hound Group 1's at competitive shows!

October 2011

Madolyn and I drove down to Belton for the Belton dog show with Calyx and Ziggy. This was Calyx's very first show, and she ended up winning Best of Breed both days!! She was a natural in the ring, and seemed to really enjoy it. Madolyn showed Ziggy in Junior Showmanship, and she ended up winning Best Junior Handler both days!!! Junior Showmanship is always so competitive, especially now that Madolyn is in the older class, so this was really cool. Madolyn and Ziggy were awesome!!

    Big Sky's Calyx O'Fernhill        Madolyn and Ziggy take back to back Best Juniors!

October was another good month for us, as we found out from Barb Heidenreich that Hebridie, the son of our A litter girl, Astrid, went Best Puppy in Specialty at the SDCA Eastern Regional Specialty. He also took Reserve Winners Dog on one of the other days---a nice feat for a pup! Here's a look at his stash!

For Hebridie to take this win was very special, as this means that three of our A litter girls have produced Best in Specialty winning pups! Audrey's girl, Paloma, took Best Puppy in Show at an all sighthound specialty show, Anica's girl, Cara, took Best Puppy in Specialty at the 2011 SDCA Western Regional Specialty, and Astrid's son, Hebridie, took Best Puppy in Specialty at the 2011 SDCA Eastern Regional Specialty as well as Best Puppy in Futurity at the SDCA National!! Yippee!!

August 2011
Our friend, Lesa Newbitt (Bereton), headed up to Fern Hill to bring back two puppies from the Nootka/Torrish litter. Nootka (Ardtalamcu Nootka) is the Australian girl we brought in with her brother, Mojave, and sister, Arikara. The sire of the litter, Torrish, is by Fernhill's Lyric (who was Winners Dog at the 2007 SDCA National) and out of Ch. Foxcliffe Thistleglen Bluegrass Cat (whose sister, Hickory, was BIS at Westminster and a two time Breed winner at the SDCA National). Lesa and I will co-own Eclipse. Here he is with his sister, Etta. Their sire, Torrish, is the third picture.
July 2011

We headed up to Oklahoma City for Maddy to participate in the big Junior Showmanship competition. This was a really fun event sponsored by Onofrio that not only included a big competition with three judges in each ring, but also some fantastic prizes and a great meal. There were 76 entrants, and Maddy showed her Pug, Ziggy. Well.....Madolyn ended up making it to the finals!! We were so thrilled, as this competition is extremely competitive. They looked incredible together, and Ziggy showed his little heart out even though they were in the ring for so long. Madolyn had a smile from ear to ear!

On July 24, our Ch. Big Sky's Artemis (Audrey) gave birth to her second litter by Ch. Fernhill's Valor. This time she had four bitches and two dogs. Audrey is a great mom, and these pups are fat and precious! We look forward to seeing how they look as they grow, and having fun with them!


This summer was exciting for us, as we also heard that Fernhill's Cara (from the C litter), whose dam, Anica, is from our A litter, ended up taking Best Puppy in Specialty at the SDCA Western Regional in Lompoc, CA!! Cara is a litter sister to our Calyx. Her brother Colin was also at the show, and looking very handsome.
Fernhill's Cara (from the C litter)                     Fernhill's Colin         Colin with Kris in red and Cara with Laura in brown

 June 2011

Madolyn and I traveled to Oregon for the 2011 SDCA National. We look forward to this show every year, as we always enjoy seeing everyone and their dogs, but since the show was so far from home, we went without dogs this year. We were lucky to have the chance to see a few of our pups from our 2009 litter as well as some from Astrid's litter born on Dec. 2010. Sharlene Lazin brought down Paloma (Bebe) and Calli (Brady) and Dave and Terri Baas brought up Myla (Blaire). Hailey, Hebride, Holt, and Holly from the Astrid/Iagan litter were too young for the regular classes, but they came for the futurity.

Madolyn wanted to show in Junior Showmanship, but since we couldn't bring any of our dogs, Sharlene brought Calli (whom we co-own) down for Maddy to show. Calli had never been to a show before, and Maddy had not seen her since she was 12 weeks old, but they did a fantastic job together. Madolyn didn't win Best Junior this year, but I was very proud of how well she did and how awesome the two were together. You would never had known that this puppy had never been to a show before, much less never been handled by Madolyn either. They were a great team! Here are some shots of the two together:

The lovely Myla entered the LGRA racing for her first time and ended up placing! She looked gorgeous running out there, and for her to run her first time at a national and place, was great to see! Here she is in the conformation ring:

Perhaps one of the coolest moments at the show was when Hebridie (Fernhill's Hebridie O'Glencrag) ended up winning Best Puppy in Futurity amongst some extremely promising puppies! His dam, Astrid, is from our A litter, so we were very proud of how this little guy did! Here he is with his owner/handler Barb Heidenreich. His sister, who also won her class, is pictured on the right.

April 2011
Lesa took Birdie up to Kansas for a show, and came back with back to back majors and Best of Breed wins!!! Congratulations, Lesa!!

March 2011

The lovely Ada from our A litter came back to us. She turned out to be a very type-y bitch with the sweetest, easiest, temperament. Right away, she became a fixture on the landing in front of Madolyn's room. Madolyn will be showing her in Junior Showmanship.

December 2010

Big Sky Astrid O'Fernhill gave birth to seven beautiful puppies by Ch. Tannochbrae's Iagan at Glengrag on December 21. We look forward to seeing how these beautiful pups develop.
Astrid and her pups                   the proud father, Ch. Tannochbrae's Iagan O'Glencrag

October 2010
Brock (now Fionn), brother to Bean and Birdie, took Winners Dog and Best Opposite at the Lawton Dog show on Saturday. On Sunday, Maddy showed Valor to Best of Breed!

Maddy shows Valor to Best of Breed

September 2010
We decided to bring Ziggy out for the Dallas Toy Dog Specialty. Unfortunately, we were only able to make the Sunday show, but Maddy handled Ziggy to a nice Best of Breed win over a top ten special! It was very exciting! Maddy has shown Ziggy as a special at two Pug specialties now, and both times, he has taken home Best of Breed!

July 2010
Bean finished his championship at age 11 months by going Best of Breed again at the Dallas show on Friday. Boo took Winners Bitch and Best Opposite. Bean took Breed again on Saturday and Sunday, while Boo and Birdie split Winners Bitch and Best Opposite on Saturday and Sunday.

Bean at 11 months

July was also a great month for Bean's sister, Paloma (Bebe). She went to her first show--the Western Sighthound Specialty in Canada---and not only did she win Best of Breed, but she also went on to take Best Puppy in Show!! On the east coast, her cousin Bayard (his dam and her sire are littermates), went Best Puppy in Show at the Eastern Sighthound Specialty. That was really cool!!


June 2010
Bean took Winners dog on Saturday and Best of Breed on Sunday at the Texarkana show. His sister, Birdie, took Winners bitch and Best Opposite on Sunday. Their sister, Boo, took Best of Breed on Saturday!

Boo takes Best of Breed in Texarkana

The Oklahoma City show was very good to us. On Thursday, Valor took Winners Dog and Best of Breed for a three point major, which finished his championship. Birdie took Winners Bitch. Zoe, at 11 years old, took Best Opposite! On Friday, Bean took Winners Dog, Best Bred by, and Best of Breed for his first major! He then went on to win an extremely competitive Bred by Hound Group 1! I was very proud of him, as there were some huge hound entries with well known hound breeders there. On Saturday, Bean took Best of Winners for a five point major, and Valor (being shown by Madolyn) took Best of Breed! Then on Sunday, Bean took Winners again and Valor took Best Opposite. It was a great show!

May 2010
We went to the SDCA National in Basin Harbor, Vermont. This is one of my favorite show venues, and we had an amazing cottage right on Lake Champlain! Since this show is so far, we went without dogs, but Barb Heidenreich was kind enough to bring Ardtalamcu Mojave Man (whom we co-own) down for Madolyn to show in Junior Showmanship. Madolyn handled him in the regular dog classes too. Mojave ended up winning his regular class, and then Madolyn took Best Junior Handler for the fourth year in a row! She has been doing so well showing the dogs, and we are very proud of her! This win was particularly nice, as it was Mojave's first show, and Madolyn's first time to ever show him. The gorgeous GCH. Foxcliffe Hickory Wind (who is pictured on the right and whose sire is a littermate to our Valor's sire), took Best of Breed for the second year in a row. As always, she was handled to perfection by Angela Lloyd.

March 2010

We took Birdie and Bean to the Wichita Falls and Ft. Worth dog shows. Bean took Winners dog and Best Opposite both days in Wichita Falls, and Birdie took Best of Breed both days! At the Ft. Worth show, Bean took Best of Breed both days, while Birdie and her sister, Boo split the bitch points by each taking Winners Bitch and Best Opposite on a day.

January 2010
Birdie and Bean are now six months old, and boy have they grown! Bean is 75 lbs and Birdie is 62 lbs.
I am looking forward to bringing these two out to the shows. See you soon!

Bean at six months                                        Birdie at six months

November 2009
We kept our dear little Birdie and Bean from our Audrey/Valor litter, and here they are at 16 weeks----cuties!!!

Bean                                           Birdie

We didn't go to many dogs shows this year, as much of it was taken up with rearing our litter of twelve puppies. They take lots of work, but I think it's the best kind of work, as who doesn't want to spend time with puppies?!!! Luckily for me, Madolyn was home for the summer, as she is the best at helping to socialize puppies, and this time, she was old enough to help with clean up too!! Anyway,
the puppies have now all gone to their new homes, and we will surely miss them! We are happy, though, that they have all gone to great people who will keep us up to date as to how the pups are doing! Already, we have some nice shots of Bubba (now Blu), Bitty, Benjamin (now Murdoc), Bitsy (now Biddy), Brock (now Fionn),  and Brady (now Calli).

Here is Bubba and his Wolfhound pack                                                    The superfast Murdoc


Calli and her Dobe pal, Zeus     little Bitty who has already learned a new trick!

     Aodhan and Biddy                        Fionn and his new buddy, Beau                                                   


Our Ch. Big Sky's Artemis (Audrey) blessed us with a nice litter of a dozen puppies---8 girls and 4 boys! The proud father is our Fernhill's Valor of Big Sky. The puppies look gorgeous, and we are already very excited about them. Madolyn has been making sure that they are well socialized :)

We attended the 2009 SDCA National Specialty in St. Louis, MO. This was the first time we had ever visited Purina Farms, and boy were we impressed! It is a lovely sight for a dog show, and we enjoyed seeing all the other animal displays on the beautiful grounds as well. Unfortunately, we ended up having to leave Valor at home to perform stud duties, as Audrey decided to come in season just at the time we had to leave, so we ended up only bringing Zoe and Nootka. Zoe took second in her Veteran Bitch class, but more importantly, she and Maddy won Best Junior Handler for the third year in a row! Nootka showed well, but did not place in a very large, competitive Open Bitch class. She did get lots of nice compliments though! :)  As usual, we thoroughly enjoyed seeing all of our friends, and can't wait until next year!!!!


Madolyn was named #1 Junior Handler in the U.S with a Scottish Deerhound by This is her third year in a row to receive this honor. We are very proud of her.

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Our Big Sky's Artemis wins Breed both days at the Cen-Tex Kennel Club show and finishes her championship.  She also qualified for the AKC/Eukanuba Invitational Dog show for the next two years, as she finished her championship with all points coming from the Bred-by Exhibitor class. We hope to have puppies from her this coming spring of 2009.


Rider, the lone male puppy from our A litter, finished his championship with a 4pt major by going Best of Winners at the SDCA supported entry in GA under judge Kent Delaney. His other major was also at the SDCA supported entry in GA the previous year. We are especially proud of this boy, as he was the first from the A litter to finish his championship, and did so with his young handler, Ryan,who was 12 when they first started together. Congratulations to Judith Kuczmarski (his owner) and Ryan (his co-owner and handler)!!!

July 2008

     Madolyn wins Best Junior Handler                                       Juniors getting ready for the ring

We traveled to Lompoc, CA for the SDCA National Specialty. The Western Regional Specialty was also held at the same show. Since we had never driven out west before, we decided to make a trip out of it, and made stops at the Petrified Forest and Painted Desert, the Meteor Crater, and the Grand Canyon. The scenery was magnificent. The show site was beautiful as always, and the weather perfect---the dogs just loved it! Madolyn was very excited to win Best Junior Handler for the second year in a row at the SDCA National, and Best Junior Handler again the next day at the Western Regional. Way to go Madolyn!!


  Big Sky's Artemis in the Bred By class     Fernhill's Valor of Big Sky in Open Dogs
                  (top left picture)                                    (remaining three pictures)

Madolyn also handled Zoe to a very nice second place in the Veteran bitch 9 and older class at the National, and third in the Veteran bitch class (all ages over 7) at the Western Regional. We were very happy with our Fernhill's Valor of Big Sky as well. He placed fourth in the Open Dog class at the National, and third in Open at the Western. He also went back in the ring with his brothers to help his dam, Roslyn, win Best Brood Bitch. Roslyn also took home Best Veteran in Show and an Award of Merit from the National. It was all very exciting! Our Audrey, who decided to drop all of her coat (and a few pounds) before the show, showed very nicely in a competitive Bred-By class, but didn't place. We still think she's beautiful nonetheless!

Am/Can Ch. Fernhill's Roslyn ( dam to our Valor) takes Best Veteran in Show, Best Brood Bitch, and an Award of Merit at the 2008 SDCA National Specialty!

May 2008
Floating dog? Yes! This is our Ch. Fernhill's Mersey literally floating around the ring in the Hound group at the DKC show.

April 2008
Valor takes Best of Breed at the Stephenville Kennel Club show.

March 2008
Madolyn showed Ziggy at the Bluebonnet Pug Specialty in Ft. Worth, TX for his first time as a special, and he ended up taking Best in Specialty!!!!   Way to go Madolyn and Ziggy!!!

Jan 2008
Madolyn wins Best Junior in the U.S with a Scottish Deerhound for 2007. This is her second year in a row to win this award, as she also won it in 2006, when she was finally able to start showing in juniors at age 9.
Congratulations Madolyn!!!

Here is a new photo of Azure at 5 years. We are so proud of this wonderful dog!