Big Sky Scottish Deerhounds
                                                     Love, Strength, Beauty
Life at Big Sky
House at Big Sky ,designed by Max Levy
(winner of AIA architecture award, TSA architecture award, and Sunset architecture award)
The home was also featured on HGTV's "What's With that House?"
We live in the country on some acreage about an hour north of the Dallas/Ft. Worth Tx area.  Much to our surprise and delight, we were actually able to find our perfect property not long after we brought home our first Scottish Deerhound. We had always wanted an architecturally unique home in the country in the middle of nowhere, but never expected to find it already built and waiting for it's first owners. The amount of acreage was also just right for Deerhounds (and of course my childhood dream of horses), and had lots of open land filled with cottontails and jackrabbits to make things interesting on our off lead walks.

We love it here, and think the dogs do too. Along with our Deerhounds, we have a mixed breed named Zach, Madolyn's Pug Ziggy (Ch. Wrinkle's Lil Dream Boat),  three horses, two miniature horses, a miniature donkey, four goats, two cats, a budgie, and about a dozen rabbits. We are able to satisfy our love for animals, as well as our love of architecture and design all at once, and we think that's pretty cool!

Our dogs have lots of room and opportunity to run, and of course spend lots of time in the house with us too. We attend all-breed dog shows throughout the year, and always try to make the SDCA National Specialty. We also love to bring our dogs out to the ASFA and AKC lure coursing events, along with the Texas Scottish Festival and the various local dog events.

                                     Everyone having a good time in the back pasture



Here are a few of our other residents at Big Sky...............

This is Zach, our "mini Wolfhound"    Here is Madolyn's Pug, Ch.Wrinkle's lil Dream Boat
Our Ch. Demage Kieran's Magie Noire.     Ch. Culcara Starfighter O' Big Sky. Reiger
Kieran passed away in March 2007           passed away in January 2008. We will always
at the age of 7. We'll never forget him.    remember our "goofy" boy.


And here are some of our non-canine residents.......

Titan--his grandsire, Riva Ridge,           Cutter, Biko, and Spirit               Dan, Thunder, and Titan
won the Kentucky Derby and the                                                      
Belmont Stakes.

 Maple            Riki

                      Ruby                                                      Taiwan                                                                                   

Lux, the ever curious cat ...............    and his partner in crime, Sadie!

Here are a few of our bunny friends.....Hobbes the American Fuzzy Lop, Lily the Dutch, Crazy Daisy the Lionhead, and Ollie the Netherland Dwarf.